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Why Pediatric Preventative Visits Are Important

When your child is ill, you know that you need to visit your pediatrician. However, pediatric visits are just as important for healthy children as for those with an illness.

At Rainbow Pediatrics, we follow The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) comprehensive health guidelines for well-child care,  Each preventative visit has an age-appropriate examination that will focus on developmental milestones, nutrition, safety, and your child and family's emotional well-being. 

The Benefits of Well-Child Visits:

  • Prevention. Perhaps the most important reason for pediatric preventative visits is to prevent illness by adhering to the AAP approved immunization guide. As a parent, you can help make your child healthier than was ever possible in earlier generations. Issues regarding nutrition and safety in the home and at school are topics that are also covered during these appointments.
  • Tracking development and growth. Your child's milestones, growth, social behaviors and learning are charted during these visits.
  • Answers to your questions. This is a great time to ask any questions about your child's development, behavior, sleep, eating and inter-personal behaviors. 
  • Establish trust. Regular visits help create strong, trustworthy relationships among pediatrician, parent and child. The AAP recommends well-child visits as an opportunity for pediatricians and parents to better serve the needs of children. The team approach helps develop optimal physical, mental and social health for your child.

These visits consist of a schedule of screenings and assessments recommended from infancy through adolescence. The evaluations are designed for the care of children who are receiving competent parenting, have no manifestations of any serious health problems, and are growing and developing in a satisfactory fashion.

Developmental, psychosocial, and chronic disease issues  may require frequent counseling and treatment visits separate from preventive care or well-being visits.

From preventative visits to unique health challenges, Rainbow's pediatricians are prepared to treat your child with the friendly, expert care you deserve.
We strive to be the community leader in pediatric health each day by delivering a level of care that's second-to-none in Central Ohio. That's why families trust our experienced team to care for their loved ones from infancy to early adulthood.